Urban Hearth
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Selkirk http://www.selkirkcorp.com
Chimney, venting and smoke pipe

Forrest Paint http://forrestpaint.com/stove-bright/
High temperature paints for wood and gas stoves and venting as well as cleaners, paint preps, polish and more!

Skytech http://www.skytechpg.com
Hearth controls, fireplace and fire pit jewelry, blowers, valves and more

Super Cedar https://www.supercedar.com/
Firestarters that are cleaner, hotter and longer lasting.

Johnny Beard Bellows http://www.johnnybeardcompany.com
Handcrafted in the USA



Stûv has expanded and grown in North America very impressively and we are honoured that they chose Urban Hearth to help them continue that growth in Ontario. We believe that we will make a great team and look forward to continuing on their already impressive success. We are truly excited to partner with a company that offers such beautiful and high quality products backed by exceptional service.